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The Professional Landscaper in West Kelowna, BC

Do you want to hire a professional landscaper because you want to increase the resale value of your property? Possibly you need to mow the lawn on your commercial property? Whatever the case may be, Elliott Lawncare and Snow Removal is the company you can trust. We are conveniently based in West Kelowna, BC.

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Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Time savings is one of the advantages of employing a professional lawn mowing service. Lawn maintenance can be a time-consuming task. Especially for larger properties. It can be difficult to find the time to maintain a consistent mowing schedule. By employing a professional service, householders and property managers can rest assured that their lawns will be maintained in pristine condition without devoting time to the task.


Imagining a beautiful landscape is easy, but creating one is difficult. You should employ a landscaper if you want to spend more time with your family. Not only is the work very time-consuming, but it also entails coming up with ideas, planning everything, recruiting helpers, transporting materials, and selecting the best materials. There may not be sufficient time in a day if you are an active person.
Snow Removal

Snow Removal

Although the majority of people believe that employing a snow removal company is expensive, it is ultimately cost-effective. This is because you will not need to purchase snow removal equipment, such as a shovel or snowblower. In addition, if your property is expansive, snow removal by yourself may be more costly. We can assist you in clearing your property of all traces of snow.
Driveway Landscaping

Driveway Landscaping

Driveway borders can create an aesthetically pleasing boundary between the driveway and the grass. They are available in a combination of designs and materials, making it simple to locate one that complements your home and budget. Use plants or blossoms as driveway edging to give your lawn a natural appearance. As a result, it is a popular option for enhancing curb appeal. Reach out to us for front-yard driveway landscaping services today!
Sidewalk Landscaping

Sidewalk Landscaping

Are you weary of maintaining the oddly shaped, rectangular patch of grass between your sidewalk and street?  The sidewalk stretch is one of the most inhospitable areas of your yard and also one of the most visible. With the proper plants, you can transform this parched, compacted, and trampled area into a beautiful oasis. Today, hire us for professional sidewalk landscaping service!
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  • Edging
  • Cleanups
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I needed a residential landscaper to finish up my work. I chose this business, and I am happy with my decision. They did an outstanding job. Thanks a lot for transforming my backyard!

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The Benefits

Receiving exceptional service and lawn maintenance is one of the primary advantages of hiring residential & commercial landscaping contractors. The lawn and landscaping of your property are essential because they increase its curb appeal and make its outdoor space more enjoyable. Although it is possible to perform some tasks on your own, the majority of people discover that they cannot achieve the same results as when they hire a professional. Hiring a landscaping service ensures that your yard will remain healthy and aesthetically pleasing for an extended period. This is due to the professionals’ knowledge and access to the most effective instruments for the job.

Our Reliable Work Methods

We provide superior landscaping services. We use only the best possible equipment, materials, and a great deal of precision. We ensure that the job is done correctly, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction and satisfying their specific requirements. We’ll be waiting for your call!

Our Other Areas Served

You may be interested in learning more about the areas we service now that you are aware of what we do, how we do it, and why employing our landscaping contractor is the appropriate move. We can be found in the following places:

  • Summerland, BC
  • Peachland, BC
  • South Kelowna, BC
  • Traders Cove, BC
  • East Kelowna, BC

Are you looking for a reliable landscaping service in West Kelowna, BC? Elliott Lawncare and Snow Removal is the one you should choose. Contact us today!

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